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Short, and to the point.

As short as this is, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Short, very basic story line, and smooth animation.

The storyline in this animation is what saves this cartoon. It is very funny, and very random. It is short, but thats how it is suppose to be. This type of storyline cannot be expanded, and it would cut away from the humour of the animation.

The graphics for this animation are not the best. They look to be quick sketches. Everything looked like there wasn't much effort put into them. An example would be the pigeon, you could have added a bit more detail to the pigeon, other then an outline and one solid colour. The background would be another example, although it is done, it is just a very basic sketch.

The sound of the flash is well fitting, The the background noises of being at a park helped set the scene, and it worked out well. Each sound effect used lined up well with each corresponding event. There was nothing played too early, or too late.

The only way I could improve on this flash is if there was more time spent on each drawing. It would just making things look more visually appealing, and it would be better to watch. Other then that, this was a great thing to watch, and I would like to see more from you in the future.

great start

Your drawing style is unique, very creative, and is incredible. There was a lot of work put into minor details of the animation, which made it stand out. Examples of this are how you used several different shades of brown to make the title of the flash, how you used 2 different greens in the her eyes to make them look more real, how well drawn the seagull is, how you made sure that the clothes chest had nails visible etc.

Things about the scenery were drawn well, but i did notice somethings that could have been improved. The water scenes where you see the water moving. I think it would have looked a bit smoother if you drew in more basic water pictures, it would make it look less choppy, and more smooth.

Another thing is that you have conflicting winds. In the beginning, you see the flag blowing in the wind, towards the left side of the screen, but the clouds, as well as the water are all blown to the right.

One last thing that I noticed about the clouds, is that in some screens the clouds are staying perfectly still, and right after you have them moving. This is just another conflict with wind effects within the flash.

The background music of this animation is perfect. It fits in so well. It is this adventurous music, which in this flash that is what the main character is being set up for. There is no sound effects, but that is ok because it would have distorted the background music. You also drew in slides and made notes of the sounds taking place, which makes us know that you didn't forget about them.

The last thing I could suggest is that you add "Stop ();" into the actionscript on the last frame of the flash. That will stop it from looping.

Overall this is a great first flash, that is well drawn, and I can't wait to see more from you

Kitala responds:

First off, thanks Jamie. <3 I really appreciate the criticism and compliments. I agree that the water should have been more smooth, I will quickly change that in my next flash. The winds were such a pain in the ass I definitely started to slack off towards the end with them not moving and all. Those places where the wind moves one way and then another, were really thought to be direction and facing (if shes facing one way the clouds go right/if shes facing another they go another way) but I can definitely see how that could be misread as just not paying attention.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, I actually thought of the flash after hearing the song, and made the scenes accordingly. While I wish I could have put sound, I really was just feeling the song and I didn't want to ruin it.

I don't have flash, so I can't insert script. x_x I wish it were that easy, I can't even figure out how to have a proper preloader or even buttons in Toon Boom Studio (what I use). There are little to no tutorials on it and there's no way I've found to add buttons or preloaders or anything. I could figure out how to stop the loop, though. That's a good idea ;)

Overall, thanks a lot. I appreciate the time and effort you put into that. <3

I now know the meaning of life

and it is you. amazing art, amazing music, just perfect.

Gian responds:


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Firstly I would like to say congratulations to all the winners of these awards.

It is extremely interesting to see how things come to an end. From the nomination process, the voting process, and now the final results.

The flash itself is very basic, which is all that is required for this type of notifier. Click buttons to find out which user won what. It is Newgrounds themed, which fits perfectly.

The descriptions as well as the fun facts were fun to read, very entertaining.

The audio is choppy, it is to loud for this, which makes it bad. The mute button helped a lot. Next time see if you can tone down the volume, that way it makes for a better background music, because it isn't overpowering.

What I would add in for next time, is to add each winners username in bigger text, ether underneath the "View Userpage" button, or have each "View Userpage" button have the winners name on it. This would help Identify each winner, other then looking for the tiny text that is under each User Icon.

I have found one glitch with this though. It happens when you click any button(Most underrated, for example) and move the mouse to the advertisement in the middle. about 35% of the time, it will cut off 3/4 of the screen, making me have to restart the flash in order to continue.

Kevin responds:

Thanks for the thorough review.

And the glitch was because of the NG ads, nothing to do with the flash itself

edit: Fixed the screen issue.

Classic gaming.

This game brings me back to the SNES era, when games were played solely based on game play, and not on flashy graphics, or story lines, etc.

The graphics were 8-bit. This brings the classic, retro gaming feel to this flash. The colours, and designs fit together extremely well.

The Story line is very basic, as the main enemy, the evil wizard endangers the life of many species of Atlantis, and it is your goal to save the day, bringing you on an adventure. This is a perfect set up for this game, as it is very basic, and pushes you right into the game play.

The controls are easily taught in the first part of the first level, and after a couple of goes at them, you can master them. They seem a bit slippery at first, but after you get a grasp of the game, they are actually a lot easier to Maneuver with.

The Sound of this flash is also extremely well. This game was designed to incorporate the background music into the levels, which helped us know when certain traps were coming. This helped lots when trying to get through each level. Each background song fit well with each level.

The in-game achievements were also a blast, as they were mini goals to stride for as I played through each level.

Now, the most important part. The Game play. At first, it is extremely difficult to grasp. If you held up to much, it flew your main character a bit to far, which caused you to have to restart. I had to get a couple of tries at it to get the feel just right. The difficulty of each level though was just enough to make it challenging, yet very fun. Each level got harder, but with each level gave more of a push to try and get to the end. This ended up being a very addicting game.

There were some areas that could have been improved on. In some spots if you dropped an egg, if your character died, the Respawn would throw your fish into a trap, which would just end up killing your character again. An example of an area where this happened to me is in level three, just after the crushers that give you the pancaked achievement. If you could add some form of collision detection for this, that would adjust where the fist would end up, that would be a big improvement.

Great Game

This is a great game. It is easily playable, has great sound effects, easy controls, and a level up system that allows you to upgrade your character.

The graphics in the game are beyond great. The animations for the buttons, and the art on the main menu is incredible. The in game animation is also well drawn, and put together extremely well. The only thing I can comment on that could be improved is the opening scene animation, and the beat the game animations. Due to the rest of the detail of the game, it seemed like they were rushed.

The controls of the game are extremely easy to learn, and allow for anyone to pick up on how to play the game in a matter of minutes. I had some problems getting the magic shot to work at times, but even with that, they are still very simple.

The sound effects for this game are also great. The background music fits well into the game, and the sound effects for being hit, as well as hitting the boss are perfect.

The level up system is also great because it makes you want to try harder to get to the highest level. Getting dizzied causes you to level down, but this makes you try harder to get back up to the max level. The added bonus' of magic after level 3 also helps defeat the final boss.

There is only one major thing that I could find that could be improved. If you could add in a way to check which medals you got in the game, then it would be great. For an example, on the medal page of the, if there was a check box that got checked beside each medal that gets checked after you unlock that medal. The only other things I could pick up that were wrong is that there is a grammar error under time attack, and the tilt, score attack medal descriptions. They just need to open with a capital letter. Every other description is correct.

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glad to see you still making music, loved it.

merlin responds:

Glad to see you still checking up on it! Love the support!

Has a rugrats feel to it

As soon as I heard this, I instantly thought of the rugrats. Very simple, beat to it, and amazingly good for the time spent on it.

I love the intro for this song, makes me laugh each time, especially when you set it to 0.03.

The beat itself is easy to listen to, and catchy. you did good, I think you won the battle between you and rig.

The only thing I can criticize is that the song length itself is incredibly short. This would be a bit better if it was longer.

definitely heard the unfinished part

Thats the only thing I really didn't like about this piece.

It sounds good, you put a lot of work into and I like it. It isn't repetitive, and it flows right.

I like the slow, quieter beginning it has. I hate songs that begin quickly with extremely loud music at the very beginning. I like how it builds into the actual song itself, instead of jumping into things. Building up to the song makes it that much better, just as long as the build up isn't to long, and in this case it isn't.

Another thing I can note is that I like how the beat isn't going to fast, or to slow.
With how this song is set up, any faster or any slower would just sound really weird.

The only complaint I have for this song is how it just randomly ends. You just get into the beat of the song, and it just dies. If you had finished it, you would have had an incredible song. If you do upload a finished piece, I would love to hear it.

Rig responds:

It's not gonna happen - project file is completely gone :C
But thanks for your support!

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you have way to much talent to know what to do with, I love it, fav'd, 5'd , loved. Thank you ever so much, even though you took your time on it, i don't care, because the finish product is better then anything I could have ever imagined.

CosmicDeath responds:

*wink* :D:D:D

Great sketch

Clearly not meant to be taken as a serious piece of art, but a good sketch none the less. Love the extra cock joke too :D

I just wish I was more then just "Someone"

AlmightyHans responds:



"Draw a brain fart", "Draw an angry irish man",

You have clearly gotten both mixed together, great drawing, and can't wait for the next one.


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